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Dear Jackie;

I would like to take a few minutes and tell you how very much I love “From The Heart”. Your store is always welcoming, homey and full of awesome, amazing and different gifts that suit so many occasions. I have shopped there for many years as have my friends. I have purchased cards, umbrellas, sunglasses, silk scarves, books, assorted cards for every occasion I can think of.

I have also purchased your Ramedica for aches and pains and the new “Natural Calm Magnesium” which has helped my daughter.

I love your soft stuffed animals, jewelry boxes, candle holders and decorator banks of many types and shapes as well as your wonderful inspirational framed wall sayings. The last one was “I found my Prince, his name is Daddy”, my son loved it, he is such an amazing Daddy to his little girls and it was so appropriate on Father’s Day this year. I also find a Spiritual Peace whenever you are there and love our conversations. On top of all of this, I am so grateful that you were my Birthing Coach 28 years ago, how lucky and blessed I am to have you in my life!!!!!!!

Love and Prayers,

Brenda SollyCustomer/Friend

From the Heart, what a great store!

We had the opportunity of meeting Jackie and her lovely sisters at their boutique “From the Heart”, when we filmed their commercial.

Upon walking into the boutique, “Your senses come alive!” (as stated in their commercial).

You are at first, surrounded by beautiful and unique gift items and then, a never ending wall of greeting cards, that spans at least half of the store, greets you (pun intended), as you walk through the boutique. I assure you they have a greeting card for every occasion and then some. And, I am certain, friendly Ms. Jackie would search the corners of the earth to find the card you wanted if it were not stocked!

Here’s a warning: When you enter From the Heart, leave the wallet in the car. The temptation to buy everything is just too great…Trust me, you will leave with your hands full of unique items with a smile to boot.

Veronica Mancini Cunial and Walter CunialCustomers/Commercial Creator

From the Heart is one of my favourite stores! The Janisse sisters themselves are a large part of what makes their shop so special.

They are loving, caring, intelligent and powerful women! They have filled their shop with beautiful and helpful things, most of which have symbollic and meaningful messages. It’s such a pleasure to shop there! My partner and I always buy our most special greeting cards there and we are also big fans of the Calm products and Remedica, both of which I don’t think you can even purchase anywhere else in town.

Every year I do my Chrtistmas shopping in From the Heart, especially for my sisters, nieces and mothers – they have such beautiful scarves and other accessories.

There really isn’t any other card shop quite like From The Heart!

Julie LeadbetterCustomer/Friend

From the Heart truly provides service to their customers “from the heart”. That is my experience. I feel cared for with the personal service Jackie and her staff provide me as a customer and a supplier.I love the friendly old fashion neighbourly atmosphere that always draws me back, if even just to drop in and say “Hi”.

Sue Oneschuk R.N.Customer/Friend, Terimakasue Imports of Ramedica

We have been supplying From The Heart with our Natural Calm magnesium supplements for the past 2 years. Our product is in well over 1000 stores across Canada and this store has gone above and beyond the call of duty to not only promote the product to assist people with their magnesium deficiencies and their health but they are also helping the extreme poor in Africa by donating 10% of their income from the sale of all Natural calm products to Hope For The Nations -Organics For Orphans.

Since meeting Jackie and her sisters we have been so impressed with their ongoing dedication to the community of people whom they serve. They are constantly helping others in so many ways. Their store is so warm and inviting and offers such a wonderful diversity of gifts, cards and accessories for every age group and need. Jackie and her staff are very knowledgeable and helpful to all their customers and make everyone who enters their store feel like they have “come home”.

We have spent much time with them as we do quarterly radio health shows and demos in their store. This is always been well advertised and well attended and many people in Windsor have benefited from Jackie, Paulette and Gerry’s commitment to excellent service and high quality products and gifts.

We would highly recommend From The Heart for the Biz X Oscar Awards. It is a privilege to know and work with these women.

Dale and Linda BoltonOwners, Natural Calm Canada

I always look forward to shopping at from the Heart because I know they always carry the most unique and beautiful greeting cards and gifts I can possibly find. They’re always so happy to help me with my selection. I always feel welcomed and valued when I walk into their store.

Sylvia FarkasCustomer

Dear Jackie, Geri, & Paulette,  Congratulations on winning the BizX Oscar award for The Card Shop that Rises to the Occasion! You must be so very happy & proud…..and rightly so! I live in Kingsville and look forward to the times when I can shop in your awesome store. I admire Carol’s Rose Garden products and your shop is the ONLY store (that I can find in Essex County) that carries this beautiful line of stationery. I belong to your Birthday Club and never miss the “annual” chance to treat myself to a box (or two) of Carol’s distinctive boxed notes, as well as her lovely embossed greeting cards. So-o lovely!

You have a great selection of wall calendars (which my friend often buys from you for me!) and a wonderful variety of colourful garden flags (I take delight in hanging a different flag each month and/or season.)…..and oh, so much more. Your new website is awesome……it let’s me visit your shop, as often as I want, from the comforts of my own home! Thank you “from my heart”.

Linda PearsonCustomer

Congratulations on your winning.

I have known that since you opened on Dougall Ave.-Dorwin Plaza and followed you to Ottawa St. – Long time customer – one of many
What can I say – When you are Great you are Great!!!
If I am in a hurray to find a special card and have not gone to your store I can not find it and end up going to From the Heart – finder keepers – there it is.
You have not enlarged your store so much that you become impersonable to your customers which is why we keep coming through the door – customer service and acknowledgement will work every time.

Your customers are your best and most profitable form of advertising. Once again Congratulations on your award.

Connie BurtCustomer

From the Heart is exactly that – from the heart! Owners Jackie, Geri and Paulette have created the ultimate gift store. The atmosphere is inviting, friendly and the customer service is exceptional. From the Heart is a final destination where you are made to feel special and where the beautiful merchandise will dazzle you. The store carries the largest selection of unique gift cards in Essex County as well as many gift items of distinction. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, From the Heart is where you visit!!

Melissa McCormickCustomer/Friend, QD Publications Ltd.

Hi Jackie: I was in last week and you gave me the “Natural Calm” samples and made me pinky swear I would use them every day for a week. I have to tell you that the first night I slept a full 5 hours straight! Unbelievable for me, that hasn’t happened in YEARS! My husband actually said I was snoring at one point!!

I am feeling good. I don’t get up with my hip aching and my fibromyalgia pain has lessened and I have only been taking “Natural Calm” for 4 days.
Thank you SO much for giving me the samples and the encouragement. I will see you when I come in to buy a bottle of the powder.
You are awesome, and I love that you care so much about your customers!!

Laura SoulliereCustomer

Natural Calm” Magnesium is a great product that really works to ease muscle stiffness, keep me regular (a nice bonus) and get a good night’s sleep. It has also helped ease the stiffness and pain associated with my dad’s movement disorder and my mom’s chronic back pain. I make sure to never run out because I can really, really feel the difference if I miss taking it. Finally, a product that does what it says it will do!

Sylvia FarkasCustomer

This is one of the best stores ever! Whether you are looking for something specific or need something unique, this is the store to go to. Time and time again I find myself going to the store to buy gifts for family and friends because the service is just amazing and because of the variety of unique gifts. Many people ask where I find such things and I tell them “From the Heart” is the place to go. “From the Heart” is also one of the very, very, very few stores which sells the best product out there, Rocky Mountain Soap Products which are astounding. Thanks so much ladies.

Kimberly HarrisCustomer