Linda Pearson

Dear Jackie, Geri, & Paulette,  Congratulations on winning the BizX Oscar award for The Card Shop that Rises to the Occasion! You must be so very happy & proud…..and rightly so! I live in Kingsville and look forward to the times when I can shop in your awesome store. I admire Carol’s Rose Garden products and your shop is the ONLY store (that I can find in Essex County) that carries this beautiful line of stationery. I belong to your Birthday Club and never miss the “annual” chance to treat myself to a box (or two) of Carol’s distinctive boxed notes, as well as her lovely embossed greeting cards. So-o lovely!

You have a great selection of wall calendars (which my friend often buys from you for me!) and a wonderful variety of colourful garden flags (I take delight in hanging a different flag each month and/or season.)…..and oh, so much more. Your new website is awesome……it let’s me visit your shop, as often as I want, from the comforts of my own home! Thank you “from my heart”.

Linda PearsonCustomer