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Kameleon Jewellery Collection

We, at From the Heart, are thrilled to be accepted as a Kameleon Jewellery Dealer.

Kameleon Jewlery

A Canadian Company – Sterling Silver Jewellery – Brilliant Idea! You must see this to believe it!

Well all of us are now hooked.

Jackie, Geri, Paulette, Deb, Denise and Darlene at anytime can be seen wearing an array of their finest.

  • Purple sweater today – pop in a Purple Swarovski Jewel Pop.
  • Tomorrow it’s jeans – in goes a Natural Blue Lapis Stone.

This is just crazy good.

What is Kameleon Jewellery?

Inspired by Nature, Kameleon has captured the essence of the spirit of individuality with their line of sterling silver interchangeable jewellery.
Kameleon’s base jewellery designs include rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins. They feature natural, flowing lines that are all carefully crafted in sterling silver to accept small interchangeable inserts called JewelPops.

200kjp616_temp 200kjp751-temp_0What are JewelPops?

JewelPops interchangeable design is made possible with the help of a patented o-ring technology. This seal ensures that the JewelPop fits seamlessly and securely into your favourite Kameleon Jewellery pieces. There are over 400 from which to choose, including seasonal styles like Candy Canes and Holly.

They are available in a rainbow of colors and materials and being the same size, are able to migrate amongst the entire Kameleon Jewellery collection. Some are set with semi-precious stones, Swarovski Crystal, lab Opals or sparkling cubic zirconia and sport outrageous names like “Strawberry Shortcake” (Rhodochrosite) and “Midnight at the Oasis” (Blue Sunstone), adding a real element of fun to the Collection.

Kameleon Jewellery resonates with what today’s consumers are seeking – beautiful jewellery that is flexible, versatile and reflects a sense of individualism and style. Investing in Kameleon sterling silver comes with the added value of infinite possibilities tailored for every mood and wardrobe change.

How it works


If you love it, and you will, consider Hosting a Sip’N’Shop Event.

After hours, bring in at least 6 of your friends and relatives, we provide the beverages, and shop away. The entire store will be open to this event. The hostess will receive 10% of the Kameleon Sales to be used toward any product including the jewellery.

Next time you’re in we’d be happy to show you the Kameleon line, as seeing is believing! You will surely be impressed.

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