Jackie McCreary

Jackie McCreary

I am the sister in the middle age-wise. Paulette is as many years older than me as Geri is younger. I have 2 great brothers Paul (Paddy) and Dave (Marica) as well as 2 other sisters, Sue (Sue) in Victoria B.C., and lastly but never forgotten, Mickie (in heaven) and Lynne. I’m blessed with a handsome son Jamie, married to a beautiful woman Maggy who live in Toronto and a sweet daughter Cara, husband Jeremy, son Roscoe & daughter Wren and another one coming in March 2021! They live near Ridgetown, ON and have 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Jamie & Cara grew up with “From the Heart”, hearing about it often and even working in the store from time to time.

My husband, Barry Ashby, tells me almost every day how lucky I am and he is right. He is a wonderful, loving, supportive husband who doesn’t get upset if I forget to come home from the store some nights. I now have 3 wonderful step-children and 5 step-grandchildren, Chad/Leslie (Desiree, Faith, Michael), J/Krista (Peyton, Gwen), and Marie/Connor. I was an obstetrical nurse, taught pre/postnatal education and labour coached hundreds of couples over 35 years. I was also very fortunate to be an “at home” Mom until 1989. Then our venture began and we haven’t looked back.

“From the Heart” is truly where my heart is now. I love our little store and of course all the wonderful customers, friends and relatives who have supported us for all these years.

Geri Maisonneuve

I am the youngest of our very large, loving family! I have a wonderful husband Butch and we have been married since 1983. Between us we have been blessed with 4 amazing children and 4 beautiful granddaughters! ~ Michael, Christian, (wife Lady, daughters Lelaina Blue and Delilah Sunshine), Danielle, (daughters Hayley Rose & Harper Jeanne), and Cody, (wife Kylie).

When we started back in 1989, I was full time in the store.  Over the years I have worked at other jobs outside of our store, and now I’m back!  With my 25+ years of banking/bookkeeping experience I’m happy to fulfill the role of balancing the books and paying the bills.  We now have new updated technology so my roles have significantly expanded.

Of course taking care of our customers has always been our #1 priority because without them we wouldn’t be here.  It’s truly been a blessing to serve our community for so many years.

It has been an awesome adventure to work with my sisters and our many employees for all these years, and God willing we will have many more years together in this business.

Paulette Kupnicki

I am the eldest of seven in our big, Vince and Doris Janisse family of five girls and 2 boys. In 1989, my sisters Jackie, Geri and I had the opportunity to buy a small business that sold, cards, gifts, and wigs and housed a post office. I am really proud of our efforts as we have grown From the Heart into a place that serves this community and our families.

I am currently retired from my work with seniors and recreation. However, I am still very involved in the operation of our store, as well as, a number of amazing volunteer projects. George Burns once said, “I have to work until I am 100. I am booked!!” For me, being active and involved with my family and also with meaningful activities makes my day!

I am the spouse of Ginny and mother of Nicole, Ken, Matthew and Anthony. They have brought their wonderful partners and spouses into our fold and NOW all of us share Mr. Otto and Miss Flora, Matthew and Dee’s beautiful children.  Gin and I feel blessed beyond our wildest dreams.