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Seasonal Greeting Cards


Expressions by Lauralee Recovery Cards

These, we understand, are difficult to find. A wonderful woman Lauralee from California supplies us with her creations. Beautiful pictures with inspirational sentiments are suitable for anyone in Recovery including AA, Alanon, NA etc, The Promises, Days, Months, Years, Anniversaries, The Serenity Prayer, Acceptance and lots ... More

Pet Sympathy Greeting Cards

We are big animal lovers and have all experienced the loss of a furry loved one. A card focusing on this difficult situation is so appreciated as they are like "family". Whether it be the purring or barking kind we have a large selection to chose from to help you offer support and love. More

Passages Greeting Cards

This is our Number One line! It's simplicity in picture and word is what appeals to so many. Messages inside cards include: "We're changed now." "Not because she left us, but because she touched us." "Because we're all in this together, know that I'm holding a good thought for you." "May you live to be a hundred years ~with one ... More

Leanin’ Tree Greeting Cards

Great designs, top artists, premium quality and American made ranks them #1 Best Selling Cards 8 Years in a Row! With many different collections and styles, designed envelopes, and colour inside everyone is able to find the perfect card. And the prices are right too! More

Carol’s Rose Garden Greeting Cards

Exquisitely designed, die-cut, embossed Victorian cards are a delight to give and receive. Cleverly, some are in the shape of shirts and robes and tu-tu's. These cover subjects including birthday, sympathy, get well, anniversary/wedding, etc. You must see and feel these to appreciate them. More

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards

Without a doubt this is one of our most popular lines and have had them for 20 years! They are beautifully designed, full of colour and style and most importantly contain lots and lots of sentiment. These cleverly written messages just seem to say exactly what you were thinking and feeling. At the top of our rack we have a ... More

Avanti Greeting Cards

For nearly 30 years Avanti has been making people laugh. The colourful photo art is printed on 30% recycled paper. Bulldogs with rollers, Elephants holding a bouquet of flowers, Dogs smiling with big teeth, Monkeys in a clown suit.are just some of hundreds of styles. These are so fun. More

From the Vault – Craig Pearson, Daniel Wells



Fitting into the wooden frame if you choose, these calendars have become a popular gift idea. Once you buy the frame.you must fill it up every year! They come in many different styles featuring Cats, Dogs, Birds, Floral, Scenery, Wine, Children, Angels and many, many more. Not just a calendar as it becomes an important part of ... More