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Scarves, scarves, scarves. They are the latest rage. Long, short, round, square they all can work. One outfit can be changed up easily with the change ... more

Ramedica Herbal Pain Balm

The original formula of Ramedica...Herbal Wonder Balm was founded by Lim See Tiew on the island of Hainan, China during the Ming Dynasty. Ramedica is a ... more

Peter Gillham's Natural Calm Magnesium

A Highly Absorbable Magnesium Supplement Our Very Happy Customers are reporting help with: Fibromyalgia Restless Leg Syndrome Insomnia Cons... more

Fragrant Comforts Reed Diffusers

These are an excellent alternative to candles or incense and are ideal for use in the home, office, school or anywhere because there is: No Flame ... more

Christian Eyebrow Stencil Kits

EYEBROW STENCIL KITS....As seen on OPRAH!.... Look like the models and film stars who have learned the secret of perfect brows. Whether you have lost ... more


They are expertly constructed to withhold high winds and rain. The Stick Style pops open with a one button push and the Foldable have a button to open and ... more

Pagekeeper Bookmark

At last a bookmark that keeps your place automatically! Spring tension clip allows the corner 'finger' to follow along, page by page, as you read. With a ... more

Flip Notes

What a fabulous idea. To open your metal note container you will lift the pen out of the side slot and the unit flips open. Exposed is a pad of paper. The ... more

Kameleon Jewellery Collection

We, at From the Heart, are thrilled to be accepted as a Kameleon Jewellery Dealer. A Canadian Company - Sterling Silver Jewellery - Brilliant ... more

Crystal Nail Files

The ONLY glass file GUARANTEED to never wear out or wear down. It shapes and files artificial and natural nails. With extended use, reduces splitting, ... more